Project and Construction Management Services


Whether you require complete project managment or just management of the construction component, Marzel has a flexible solution for you. This fee-based service is most appropriate for highly complex projects, moving at the client’s pace. Project management allows for the greatest level of flexibility for changes at any point in the project and it can be integrated with your cash-flow abilities.

At Marzel, we realize that developing a building can be an overwhelming task, where even defining your budget and schedule may not be possible without fully defined parameters. That is why we offer project management services that assist you with budgeting, estimating, scheduling, engineering, and field supervision as the project progresses. Quality construction is essential, but the process to get there is what makes a project successful.

While the client is required to be involved in every step of the project, our job is to work hand-in-hand with you and your team during the planning and construction process. We guide you with our knowledgeable experience to help you make the right critical decisions.

Managing the project, we research and investigate the most appropriate designs, materials, and products. We define and tender all required sub-trades and present you with the best options to select from. For most projects, a collection of preferred local sub-contractors are used, although we are always open to client recommendations. The "open book" nature of construction management ensures that our clients are always kept aware of the costs for each stage of the project.